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35" Cluster Turquoise Lariat. Modeled from the old style Spanish Blossoms this pre-50's custom neckalace boast Royston and Pilot Mountain custom sourced stones directly from mine owners with high gem grade stones. Look closely and you'll notice some of the stones are in the Dragonfly pattern (a higher rare grade). Center stone ranges from Royston greens to creamy sky blues and carries ribboned chocolate brown matrixing. Set in a deep smooth bezel with silver twist detail, smooth silver squished beads, and 2mm blossom stamped edging. Lariat is atached with not 1 but 2 bench chains inbetween stones. 


Blossom measures 3.25" long by 2.25" wide. Center Turquoise gem measures 1.5" long by .75" wide and was cut by the Wilson brothers.


Crafted by 4th generation Navajo Ladysmith Leigha Cleveland.


  • Royston and Pilot Mountain
  • Sterling Silver
  • 1.52g or 5.33oz

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Highly recommend!!! This jewelry store is amazing. Everything is absolutely STUNNING and the nicest employees. We purchased some amazing Zuni tribe jewelry and had Leanne, the nicest employee to help us! She was so sweet and willing to tell us all about local spots and questions about Pagosa. Had such an AMAZING experience here we will NEVER forget.

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What can I say!! If you like quality western indian turquoise jewelry or any jewelry this is the place,people behind counter knowledgeable & friendly, they also have nice art, prices are very good for the quality..

Kelly Olcsvary
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