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Note From Christine (owner):

Randy is a wonderful person to collect from. We love his work and it's high polish shine with heavy duty silver base. He doesn't skimp on quality.

Also, for those who know the rich history of the Villagrove mine in Colorado it is a collector's dream.

Villagrove is one of the oldest mines in Colorado with the original miner's being Navajo pre-Conquistadors. It was later purchased out of the tribe and produced in small quantities for decades. However Randy, Navajo, now owns it, and only he and his grandchildren mine it.

You cannot buy a stone from him. The stones are sold ONLY through his work making it an excellent option for collectors and something special to give as well.

His stones are arguably some of the best turquoise on the planet rivalling the famous Persian stones of old. Colorado is known for it's marble (bought by Italy before it comes out of the ground), and this Villagrove does not disappoint.


Weight 10g

Length 3"

Material: Sterling Villagrove Turquoise and Corral. 

Why choose us?

only the best

There is allot of turquoise out there to choose from.

Why We Rock Turquoise:

Source Direct

Fair Trade


Gem Grade Stones

Friendly Staff



Highly recommend!!! This jewelry store is amazing. Everything is absolutely STUNNING and the nicest employees. We purchased some amazing Zuni tribe jewelry and had Leanne, the nicest employee to help us! She was so sweet and willing to tell us all about local spots and questions about Pagosa. Had such an AMAZING experience here we will NEVER forget.

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What can I say!! If you like quality western indian turquoise jewelry or any jewelry this is the place,people behind counter knowledgeable & friendly, they also have nice art, prices are very good for the quality..

Kelly Olcsvary
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