Golden Hills Turquoise Mine and Where it comes from and why is it so expensive

Blue Anyone?

Golden Hills Turquoise is mined only 2 months of the year in the Golden Hills Mountains of Kazakhstan due to flooding in the area. Freezing temperatures and the duration of mining times make this gem-stone very rare. It is known as the 'blue turquoise', in the wide world, and can range from creamy blues to deep blues with rich chocolate matrixing. Lavender grade is highly sought after as the name sake implies a lavender tone. Golden Hills is popular and quickly becoming a collector's favorite on a global level. Relatively new to the market, the mine was discovered in 2013 and is considered an Asian stone.


At Lantern Dancer Gallery we recently talked to one of the top providers of Golden Hills Turquoise to the 4-corners area. Keep in mind, this provider roughly supplies 70% or more of Kazakhstan Turquoise to all the 100's of Native American artist who create their wearable art daily. He told us, "It's the good stuff coming out of the ground now. It's what we saw in the 80's with Dry Creek. Big puffy stones with great color." That inspired me to start collecting in earnest. However, I'm not the only one! 

Sure Golden Hills Turquoise is pricey, but it's also available in good quantities. Not that it's easy to get, but you can get it. Can you find Dry Creek anymore? Google it! Sure you can, in a itty bitty pockets with awful watered down color and no charm. 

Like me, many of you have started to craft your collection. I have a squash being made as we speak that I hope will be passed down for generations to come. 

-Christine Jones. (Lantern's Mom).



Golden Hills Native Made Turquoise Cross Necklace Pendant


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