Jewelry Care

Let us help you take care of your Native Made jewelry. Unlike gold, diamonds, and other hard stones, Turquoise and the like are considered a soft stone, and require a different set of rules when caring for them.

 It is NOT uncommon for a soft stone to loosen from its bezel over time. Loose stones can easily fall out so regular checking is VERY important and reccomended. 

Normally, the owner of the jewelry can do a couple of self maintenance things to tighten back up a loose stone by purchasing jeweler glue from Amazon or the like. Make sure purchased glue has a precision point and follow instructions on label. Simply applying small amounts of glue around bezel edge can help. Or feel free to ship to us for a complimentary tightening of jewelry settings. (Jewelry must be purchased through us to be recieved by our repair department-and buyer pays shipping $4.99 First Class or $8.99 priority for normal size packages. For oversized please call to get a shipping price quote 970-264-6446). 

It is worth noting that for decades soft stones have been set against a fine sawdust backing for the purpose of preventing stone cracks. Because there is the layers of sawdust behind the stone, any moisture that your jewelry is exposed to or strong humidity can cause the sawdust to expand thus popping the stone out of its setting. To avoid this, keep jewelry in airtight containers when not in use. Either zip lock type bags or Tupperware type containers will do. (This also slows down the natural tarnishing that occurs with sterling jewelry.)