Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

 Nestled within the hills of Globe, Arizona, lies the renowned Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine, owned by the Mansfield family for generations. This historic mine holds a special place in the hearts of those who have worked its depths, echoing stories of its vibrant hues and pure clarity. "Sleeping Beauty turquoise is like no other. Its vibrant hues and pure clarity are unmatched," remarks one of the Mansfield family members, echoing the sentiment shared by many who have explored its rich veins.
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At Lantern Dancer, we have a few pieces of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise pop up from time to time. Join our mailing list to get first access to new arrivals. We have a couple of pieces that are new or contemporary. Calvin Begay says, "I'm out of it. Can't find it anymore." Many of our artists echo this sentiment. But from time to time, we find it in the raw and have it cut for special pieces. Like Golden Hills Turquoise, it is pricey but worth it.


In today's market, authentic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is becoming increasingly scarce. Once abundant, this gemstone is now prized for its rarity, with diminishing reserves making sourcing more challenging than ever. The allure of its robin's egg blue hue and uniform matrix draws collectors and artisans alike, driving demand for this elusive treasure.

At Lantern Dancer Gallery, we're captivated by the allure of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Our treasure trove awaits you, filled with handpicked pieces that showcase the enchanting beauty and cultural significance of this gemstone. From delicate necklaces to bold cuffs, each piece is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of Native American jewelry.

Renowned Native American artisans, such as Calvin Begay and Larry Moses Begay (RIP), weave their cultural heritage into every design, infusing their creations with stories of tradition and resilience. Calvin Begay's intricate inlay work and Larry Moses Begay's bold statement cuffs and squash blossom necklaces exemplify the enduring appeal of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in Native American jewelry.

As you embark on your journey into the world of authentic Native American jewelry, let Lantern Dancer Gallery be your trusted guide. Our curated selection of handcrafted pieces featuring Sleeping Beauty Turquoise invites you to discover the beauty and significance of these timeless treasures.

Visit our website to explore our collection and experience the rich tapestry of Native American artistry firsthand. We're excited to share these exquisite pieces with you!