Arguably one of the best kept secrets in the World, the Villagrove mine is owned by Randy Christensen (a friend). He is a Silversmith who bought the mine in the 70's

      It is one of the oldest mines in the USA with Natives mining it for generations. It started commercially mining at the turn of the century and is known for it's sky blue hues which is why it RIVALS Kingman. Not only in color but in density.

      This rare gem grade Turquoise stone is only mined 3 weeks of the year in very low quantities, with very little equipment, and sold exclusively through Christensen's Silver work.

      He will not sell rough stock. It must be purchased through his very capable silversmithing abilities.

      Many don't know, but Colorado is rich in stone. In Marble Colorado, the finest marble in the world is produced, and then shipped to Italy. 

      It's no surprise Villagrove mine produces the best Turquoise in the world too, and it is a personal favorite that I will be collecting for years to come. 

      Most of Villagrove turquoise sits in museums where it can be viewed for it's gem grade qualities-I prefer to wear mine.

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      44 products